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prep your heater for winter

Four Ways to Prep for Winter 

What’s that? Winter? It may not seem like it, but winter will eventually make its way to Texas. According to an article in Texas Monthly, the Farmers’ Almanac predicted that Texas will see an “unseasonably cold” winter. However, the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center gives Texas equal chances of a warm or cold winter. Planning for all contingencies of a Texas winter, here are four ways to prep your heater for winter. 

Change those filters 

We remind you of this regularly because changing your filters is the easiest way to help keep your HVAC running correctly. It has been dry and dusty this year, so keep an eye on them and change them at least once a month.  

Run a Heat Test and Check your Pilot Light.

You may not want to run a heat test just yet. But this will help ensure your heater is ready for cold weather. If you have a gas heater, test the ignitor switch and relight the pilot light if necessary. 

Check Your Weather Stripping

We recommended this back in the summer and recommend checking your weather stripping for any wear and tear it may have suffered. Sealing your home with weather stripping will maximize the airflow efficiency in your home. If your weather stripping allows air to enter your home, it is time to replace it. 

Schedule Your Routine Maintenance 

Preventative and routine maintenance can boost your HVAC efficiency, save on energy costs, and help your heater run without issue this winter. Having your system on biannual maintenance will keep your system running as efficiently as possible and extend the overall lifespan of your heater. 

We know it may seem early to prep your heater for winter when it is still hitting triple digits, but there are things you can do now to prep for winter that will help you enjoy the holiday season with the AC on or the heater on. It’s hard to tell with Texas. If your system isn’t on a routine maintenance plan, call or contact us here to schedule your routine maintenance appointment.


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