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Summer indoor air quality 

Summer Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Season 

There is no denying it is hot and dry this summer. Wildfires have been popping up more and more lately. These wildfires can affect your indoor air quality more than you think. Wildfire smoke can contribute to dangerous levels of air pollution, causing shortness of breath and an increased risk of infection. Long-term exposure to wildfire smoke poses a greater risk for severe health issues like cancer.

If you are concerned about your summer indoor air quality, we have some tips to help keep your air clean this summer and beyond. 

Keep doors and windows closed 

When the outdoor air quality is smoky or at dangerous levels, it is essential to keep the doors and windows of your home closed to preserve the air inside your home. It is important to note that you should not block your ability to exit the house in an emergency. This is an excellent time to check the seals and weather stripping around your home to ensure air is not leaking into or out of your home. 

Keep your AC unit on “on” or “circulate.” 

This setting allows the air in your home to continuously circulate throughout and move through the filter to improve the air quality. If you have a smart thermostat, you should utilize the “circulate” option, which will cycle your air for a few minutes every hour, using less energy than the traditional “on” setting.

Install a Home Air Purification System

 We are proud to offer you home air purification systems through Lennox. The Lennox home air purification systems clean the air in every room of your home better than any other system you can buy. Home air purification combats airborne particles, germs and bacteria, and chemical odors and vapors – ensuring you’re breathing the best air you can at all times!

Home air purification is a form of maintenance for your home. It will prevent your HVAC equipment from getting clogged up with dust and dander. An air purification system helps your entire system run more efficiently and extends the life of the system.

As conditions stay dry and hot, it is crucial to stay informed on Austin Area Wildfires. If you are considering installing an air purification system to help the summer indoor air quality of your home, give us a call today! If you have any questions about the benefits of air purification or how to improve the indoor air quality of your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. We pride ourselves on bringing total home comfort wherever we go and are here to help! 

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