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keep your garage cool

Tips to Keep Your Garage Cool

Did you know that you can help save on your energy costs during these scorching hot temps if you keep your garage cool? Even if you use your garage primarily for storage, it shouldn’t be unbearable to be in your garage this summer. The hot air in your garage directly affects the temperature in the rest of your home, leading to more strain on your AC unit. 

The room adjacent to or above the garage will often be warmer as the heat builds. Even opening the door to your garage lets the hot air in, affecting the temperature of the rest of your home. Simple solutions involve allowing your car cool down before parking and painting your garage a lighter color. 

Here are a few more tips on how to keep your garage cool for the rest of the summer. 

Insulate and Seal 

Quality insulation will keep the heat out of your garage. If your garage is insulated correctly during peak temperatures, your garage will stay at a happy medium. Insulation prevents your cool air from transferring to the outdoors. Along with quality insulation, your garage should be properly sealed so you aren’t wasting all your cool air. Ensure crevices around doors and windows are sealed with caulking, threshold seals, insulating foam, or weather flashing tape. 


Clutter isn’t just an eyesore; boxes and clutter can help your garage retain heat and prevent airflow. To help with airflow and prevent hot, stagnant air from sitting around, consider these options:

  • Wall-mounted organization or shelves
  • Donate unused items or have a garage sale
  • Don’t block windows, doors, or vents
  • Keep boxes off the ground

Shade the Garage 

If your garage has no shade or trees around it, you could consider planting a tree to help shade it. A single tree can reduce the surrounding temperature by up to 25ºF; this is an excellent way to help reduce energy costs and help your home stay cool during these triple-digit temps. If you don’t have room for trees adding awnings over doors and windows is another great option for adding shade. 


Ventilation will keep air moving while encouraging the hot air to exit your garage. If you can’t add air-conditioning to your garage, the combination of insulation, sealing, and ventilation will make a massive difference in the temperature in your garage. Adding a fan to the entrance can help draw in cooler air, and fans pointed upward can funnel cooler air to the center of your garage. You can install vents or fans near the ceiling to expel hot air. Opening your garage door in the evenings when it has cooled down will also allow fresh air into your garage. 

Install an AC unit 

An AC unit in the garage is the best way to keep your garage cool. After you’ve insulated and sealed it to keep the cool air in, this could save you a lot on your energy bill. Hot air will no longer be diffusing into the rest of your home, making your central AC unit work even harder. Contact us today to find out what your options are! 

If you have more questions about how to keep your garage cool during these triple-digit temperatures, call us! We look forward to meeting you. We strive to deliver quality work at a reasonable price. Remember, we promise to bring total home comfort wherever we go!

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