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Zone System Replacement

What is a zone system? A zone system allows you to use one system to cool two or more different areas of your home. This allows for you to save money by only cooling or heating the areas of the home that need it. The install that you see here was done in the Lakeway area. […]

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This job was different in a couple ways. First you can see that we have a few pictures of a closet below; there is a reason for that. The existing equipment was located in that closet and because of how loud it was, being so close to everyone, and all the space it took up […]

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Duel fuel systems are ideal if you have propane gas heat! This fuel is getting more and more expensive but getting rid of the great heating ability of a gas system just wouldn’t be right. In this application we retained the ability for the gas system to heat, but also added the duel fuel feature […]

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