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air duct cleaning in Georgetown

Air Duct Cleaning in Georgetown

Spring cleaning will soon be in full swing, and you might be searching for air duct cleaners in Georgetown to complete your spring cleaning to-do list. But is an air duct cleaning really worth it? Keep reading to find out why we recommend air duct cleaning to our clients. 

Air ducts, or ductwork, in your home, are essential in moving air throughout your home. Your systems blower fan in the indoor air handling unit pushes air into the air ducts to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. 

When Aero comes out and cleans your ductwork, we can assess its condition, and if something is wrong, we can fix it properly. Air ducts are prone to accumulating dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens over time. This can lead to health problems, particularly for individuals with respiratory issues like asthma or allergies. Air duct cleaning can remove these contaminants, promoting better indoor air quality and helping reduce respiratory issues. 

Having your air ducts cleaned can improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. When air ducts become clogged with debris, your system has to work overtime to circulate air. This can cause your energy bills to jump, as well as reduce the lifespan of your system. If your air ducts are cleaned, your HVAC system can function more efficiently, eventually decreasing energy bills. 

If you are experiencing unpleasant odors from your HVAC and have changed the filter, it is likely time for an air duct cleaning. As time passes, it is likely for dust, mold, and other pollutants to accumulate in your air ducts, leading to an unpleasant and stale odor. By cleaning your air ducts, you can remove these contaminants and improve the air quality of your home. 

Removing debris from your air ducts can reduce the strain on your HVAC system and ensure it runs smoothly for years. This can save you money on costly repairs and replacements down the line.  

Cleaning the ductwork in your home is not a fix-all for your air quality issues. If your air ducts are cleaned, but no change is made to your filtering process, then your air ducts may need to be cleaned again in a few years. 

At Aero, we can give you a full breakdown of your current filtering process and suggest how to filter your air better. This will help keep your ductwork clean! You are breathing the air in your home hundreds or thousands of times a day. Don’t settle for breathing in dirty air. 

Air duct cleaning can be an essential step in improving the air quality of your home. If you are looking for air duct cleaning in Georgetown, call or contact us; we will be sure to bring quality and total home comfort with us! Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an HVAC duct cleaning – you’ll be glad you did!


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