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HVAC Zoning: How Does It Work?

HVAC Zoning

You may have heard the term “HVAC zoning” and found yourself nodding along when you weren’t quite sure what the term meant. You’re not alone, it happens to be a frequently searched question. We’ll explain how HVAC zoning works and how to decide if it is right for your home.

Simply put, a dual zone air conditioning system allows different parts of your house to be different temperatures. This is due to parts called dampers, which reduce or increase air flow as instructed. And no, you don’t need to live in a mansion to justify needing cooler airflow specifically to the living room during the day. A dual zone system is best for those with two-story homes. It is definitely for you if you continually notice that some spots seem to be cooler or warmer than others, even though you have a central HVAC unit. A dual zone air conditioning system will solve this dilemma. It will also fix the issue of family members preferring different temperatures in their own rooms.


Having an HVAC zoning system does not require multiple HVAC units and it is not a difficult installation process. It can be installed as a part of a new HVAC system, or retrofitted for your current system. The result can mean energy savings of up to 35% when used with a programmable thermostat, which will positively impact your energy bill. Another perk that comes with a Lennox zoning system combined with a programmable thermostat is that you are able to control the airflow of the different zones from your phone or any web-enabled device.

We think the individualized home comfort is enough reason to consider a dual zone system. The fact that it actually helps your HVAC system run more efficiently is just the cherry on top. Contact us for more information about including the dual zone system in your installation or how we can add it to your current system.

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