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cozy home

Cozy Home Tips for Winter

Austin may not be literally freezing, but the chill combined with the wind is enough to keep most Austinites indoors during the winter. As you anxiously wait for the sun to shine once again, you might as well create a space in your home that you love to spend time in. When the heat kicks on, it’s time to get comfortable. Here are tips for a cozy home this winter. 

If your home doesn’t seem to be heating properly, call us for your annual HVAC check-up. It’s best to take action as soon as possible, rather than when the temperatures drop and you find yourself miserable in your own home. If you’re feeling proactive, go through the process of properly sealing your windows and doors. This will have an immediate impact on your home’s HVAC system and your family’s comfort level. A properly sealed home means that you’re protected from the wind and that your HVAC system is able to run more efficiently.

Now onto the fun part of creating a cozy home! We’ll focus on the living room, but the majority of these tips can apply to most rooms in the home. To begin, purchase and set out a couple of fleece throws to either keep on the couch or inside a basket in the living room. An electric heated blanket is also a nice luxury in the winter. Beyond feeling warm, it’s all about embracing the holiday season!

Most Austin homes already have their Christmas tree up, but there is also the option to decorate the mantel and incorporate string lights elsewhere in the home. If you have a fireplace, light it up! If it’s not in working condition, consider trying out this idea from Real Simple. The definition of cozy varies from person to person, but it is most definitely a feeling. When surrounded by things and people you love, the idea of spending a night in listening to music or watching your favorite holiday movie seems more charming than boring. 

cozy home

The final piece is to appeal to the senses. There is nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree, but if you opted to forgo one this year or have a faux fir tree, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate holiday scents. Consider purchasing a cinnamon broom – which not only acts as decoration but smells amazing. Placing candles throughout the home is also a key to cozy. To really amp up the smell if you’re having guests over, put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup and place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour! The only downside is that people will assume you’re baking!

The holiday season is a busy time for us. As we go from home to home servicing HVAC units, we hope to help bring total home comfort (aka a cozy home) to everyone we encounter! Contact us if you’re in need of a little help!

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