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Custom Heating and Air – New vs. Old Homes

There are a lot of reasons your house may need customer heating and air. One involves the age of your house. When researching new heating and air conditioning units and all-inclusive systems, there is not much mention of how the year your home was built may impact your decision. While it is not the most influential factor, it is definitely something to be considered. Particularly because homes built 10-15 years ago have different needs to be addressed than that of more recently built homes.

Sometimes the layout of the home can also be a deciding factor, which isn’t always specific to the year a house is built. Houses that are built with a layout that positions the HVAC unit inside of a hall closet means that space can be somewhat limiting for larger heating and air conditioning units. At Aero Designed Systems, we have relocated HVAC systems to the attic in order to open up space and reduce noise for homeowners.

custom heating and air

Another reason for custom heating and air related to a home’s age is that older homes tend to have more air leaks. Fortunately, this is something that can easily be fixed without too much expense. Here is an article from on how to properly air seal your home, which will allow your current and future HVAC unit to work more efficiently. 

A lesser known issue is that while older homes typically remain the same humidity level as outside of the house, newer homes have the tendency to contain the humidity inside – even when the humidity level drops outside. Our solution for both scenarios is to opt for an HVAC system that allows you to control the humidity inside the home no matter the situation outside. Here are several Lennox models that address humidity in the home and make it comfortable year-round.

While there is not a concrete list of considerations for new homes builds versus older homes, we do make a point to design custom heating and air based on when your home was built and inquire about its condition before making suggestions on the best system for you and your home. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information in order to guarantee that you are more than satisfied with your purchase and our service.

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