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image of blue flame - how to relight pilot light

How to Relight A Pilot Light and What Is It?

If you have an older gas heater, chances are your heater relies on a pilot light to ensure that the burners ignite and heat your home. Pilot lights were once the standard on gas furnaces. However, most newer models will use electronic ignition. If you are wondering how to relight your pilot light, keep reading! 

How do I relight a pilot light? 

If your furnace’s pilot light goes out, the burners won’t light up, which means there is no heat production. However, homeowners can usually relight the pilot light themselves. Here’s a detailed guide on the steps to follow when relighting the pilot light of a gas furnace.

  • Locate the pilot valve on the furnace. There should be lighting instructions posted on your furnace.
  • Find and turn the gas valve to the “off” position. You should wait for any residual gas in the pipes to run out.
  • Turn the valve to the “pilot” position.
  • Press and hold the reset button.
  • If the reset button fails, ignite the lighter. Hold the reset button and bring a long lighter or long match to the pilot light valve until the pilot ignites.
  • If the pilot light stays lit, turn the valve to the “on” position. 
  • Observe the furnace. You should hear the furnace activate. 

Should I upgrade my gas furnace? 

Older gas heaters that rely on a pilot light constantly consume gas and, therefore, waste energy. If your pilot light goes out due to a draft, dust, dirt buildup, or malfunctioning parts, you could have a safety issue on your hands. If your pilot light is burning inefficiently, small amounts of carbon monoxide are being released into your home. 

Modern gas furnaces have eliminated these issues because they use an electronic ignition system. New high-efficiency furnaces feature electronic ignition that is only utilized when the furnace is signaled to come on. This feature conserves energy over a constantly burning pilot light.

We’re here to help you! Give us a call if your heater is acting up. The weather in Texas can turn on a dime, and you don’t want to be stranded without heat. If you are tired of trying to remember how to relight your pilot light, call us! If you are ready to discuss your options for upgrading your furnace to a new energy-efficient model, call us! 


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