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common furnace problems

Common Furnace Problems

Temperatures have been getting colder in the Lakeway and Georgetown areas, and a broken furnace is the last thing you want to deal with when the temperatures drop below freezing. Common furnace problems can be as simple as a clogged filter, and homeowners can fix them themselves. More complicated furnace problems will require the expertise of an Aero DS HVAC technician.

Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Can Fix

Check Your Air Filter

As mentioned above, the most common furnace problem we see is clogged filters. When dirt and debris collect inside a filter, the airflow to your furnace is reduced. A clogged filter can cause the unit to shut off to prevent any additional damage to the system.

Check Your Thermostat

Another easy fix for a homeowner is to check their thermostat. If a thermostat hasn’t been set correctly, this can cause a furnace not to work. If you have a programmable thermostat, check to make sure your summer settings have been changed to reflect the current temperatures. Verify that you have your “heat” on rather than “cool,” “air,” or “off.”

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Large appliances can overload circuits, causing the breaker to trip. A furnace can cause a circuit breaker to trip every so often. This is a quick check for a homeowner to double-check that no one has turned the breaker off by mistake or if the furnace tripped the breaker. However, if your furnace is continually tripping the breaker, it is time to call an Aero HVAC Technician.

Common Furnace Problems Requiring an Aero DS HVAC Technician

Ignition Problem

Newer gas furnaces no longer use a traditional pilot light. Instead of a standing pilot light, modern furnaces will use an intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition for the system to start. This method is more efficient because it does not constantly burn a small amount of gas to keep the furnace ready to start.

A hot surface ignition system functions similarly to the filament in a regular light bulb. When your furnace receives a signal from the thermostat, the igniter heats up as electricity flows through it. Over time, the igniter, like the filament in a light bulb, wears out and requires replacement.

If you’ve made all the checks above and your heater still isn’t turning on, there is a chance your ignition system isn’t functioning correctly. Safety switches and other elements in the furnace can malfunction and keep the ignition system from turning on.

Belt or Blower Issues

Typically, issues with the blower are related to problems with the belt, which can be a minor or major issue. A high-pitched sound coming from the furnace usually indicates a problem with the belt or the blower itself. It’s best to have a qualified HVAC technician examine and diagnose the issue to resolve it.

Your Burner Needs an Adjustment or Cleaning

When the furnace is ignited, it depends on a burner to warm up the air circulated through air ducts and supplied to the rooms in the household. Sometimes, even though the ignition system functions normally, the burner may not light up. On other occasions, the burner may not operate correctly, which may result in no heat or reduced efficiency, causing higher energy bills. An HVAC technician needs to inspect the furnace to determine if the burner is dirty or needs an adjustment. Repairing gas appliances always involves safety concerns, particularly since you do not want to cause a gas leak inadvertently.

Routine maintenance is the key to ensuring your furnace and air conditioning remain operational and in tip-top shape. Our technicians might discover a problem during routine maintenance before it becomes severe. Call us today to schedule your routine maintenance or an emergency heater repair before more cold weather blows in!

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