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Furnace Maintenance | Why Call Aero Designed

Air Conditioner and furnace maintenance should be done at least once a year, but twice is optimal in order to ensure both your air conditioner and furnace are performing as they should during the height of the summer and winter months. During the winter season, furnace maintenance begins with a full inspection. From there, the Aero Designed HVAC Technician will determine if there are any concerns that deserve a closer look and address the current condition of the unit. Furnace maintenance should also include lubrication of all of the operating parts to avoid friction and unnecessary wear on mechanical equipment. This is also the time to clean airways and replace the filter, which will improve efficiency (and therefore decrease energy usage). This Old House also touches on furnace maintenance, what it consists of and why you should call an expert.

Fox Business recently responded to a reader’s question, which was if furnace maintenance by a professional is really necessary or if a homeowner could handle it themselves. The short answer was yes, at least if you are hiring a professional that does more than vacuum out dust. Fox Business advised: “Before you hire a company to do a tune-up on your furnace, ask what’s included. The company doing the work should be able to quickly rattle off a long list of stuff they’ll be checking.” At Aero Designed, we always leave our customers with a written document explaining what services we performed and why they’re necessary. We aren’t one of those companies that gives your unit a once over and hands you the bill. When performing furnace maintenance, we are aiming to prevent emergency service in the future. HVAC systems are a costly investment and we wish to extend the life of your system for as long as possible!

In order to do so, we offer an air conditioner and furnace maintenance package that includes two maintenance appointments per year and 10% off any potential part replacements for an annual cost of $108. This expense is comparable to changing the oil on your car; it’s a necessary cost in order to keep it in prime working condition. Preventative maintenance also happens to be cheaper than emergency service. If you’re past the point of preventative furnace maintenance, we do offer free inspections and 24/7 emergency service. Our goal is simply to offer you the best and most cost effective solution. You can reach our Lakeway HVAC service team at (512) 261-3530 or our Georgetown HVAC service team at (512) 863-3530 or by contacting us here.

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