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Air Duct Cleaning and Blown-In Insulation

At Aero Designed Systems, our specialty is heating and air conditioning units, but our services don’t stop there. We also provide two additional services that can greatly impact the performance of your current HVAC system: Air duct cleaning and blown-in insulation.

We have addressed how often your air ducts should be cleaned, but this is also an opportunity to assess the quality of your ductwork. The purpose of your ducts is to distribute airflow throughout your home and any leaks or blockages cause your HVAC unit to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment in your home. Believe it or not, leaky ducts are among the top ten most common contractor mistakes in the home energy industry.  If your ductwork was properly installed and is air tight, the only concern is giving it a good cleaning every 3-5 years. While it seems simple enough, we must warn homeowners of two things to look out for: companies that say they deep cleaned your air ducts, when they really did the minimum, as well as companies that charge you for an air duct cleaning when you really didn’t need one in the first place. We will leave a detailed report of the work done and are happy to take photos if you would like to see the satisfying result. Below is a photo of an air duct cleaning that we recently performed, which shows that there is a visible difference in the before and after. This serves as proof of the years of dust and pet dander that collect without your knowledge. However, if your air ducts are in good shape and won’t benefit from a deep cleaning – we won’t do it and you won’t be charged!

air duct cleaning

Now onto another service we provide during the winter months: blown-in insulation. We recently published a blog post sharing whether your home needs blown-in insulation and how it measures up compared to other types of insulation. We offer this service because we are equipped to install it correctly. Insulation that is installed improperly will negatively affect efficiency, especially if there are gaps in the wall cavities or around the chimney. 

If you are unsure of your current needs, but suspect that it’s been a long time since air ducts have been cleaned or insulation addressed – give us a call! We offer free inspections and will only perform services that you are in need of. As a family-owned business, we make a point to treat our customers like they’re a part of the Aero Designed family!

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