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lennox winter promotion

The Lennox Winter Promotion – Upgrade Your Home Now

We don’t often give our HVAC units much thought during our mild winters in Austin, which is why it’s the perfect time to upgrade! Don’t wait until summertime to remember that your system isn’t up to the task of keeping you cool. Another factor that may motivate you to take action now rather than later is the Lennox winter promotion starting today, (January 9th – February 3rd) where you could earn up to $1500 in rebates, which you receive upfront!

Lennox is offering some incredible deals for those that purchase from January 9th – February 3rd, install by February 17th and submit your claim by March 3rd. Rather than leaving our customers to sort out the details of the promotion, like knowing which systems qualify, we are simplifying the process. With Aero Designed Systems, we let you know what rebate accompanies which system or individual unit and we provide the rebate for you upfront. This means that within 3-6 weeks you will receive a Visa debit card from Lennox with the rebate amount loaded and ready to spend!

We handle the necessary documentation for claim submission, allowing you to focus on your new Lennox HVAC and all its benefits! Speaking of benefits, a new Lennox system will keep you cozy when Arctic winds decide to make their way to Texas; keep you cool in the middle of July and all-around comfortable every other day of the year. By choosing to add-on the PureAir Air Purification System, iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat, and/or iHarmony Zoning System you will increase your rebate savings and your total home comfort. PureAir is a filtration system that will help alleviate allergies, as well as everyday cooking odors. The iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat is able to adapt to your schedule and connect with your smart device, giving you absolute control wherever you are. Last, but not least, is the iHarmony Zoning System, which directs and reduces airflow to specific areas in your home, depending on where you spend the most time. 

The high-quality Lennox products are here to stay, but the rebates are only for a limited time! Contact us before February 3rd to take advantage of the Lennox winter promotion and receive up to $1500!

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