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How to Choose The Best Furnace Location

In the past, we’ve worked with homeowners that are frustrated with the current location of their HVAC equipment. The furnace location can be a nuisance in a number of ways, particularly if it’s an especially noisy system or is taking up valuable storage space. Choosing the best furnace location depends on the layout of the home in question, but here are your options and what must be taken into consideration.

First things first, you must know the size of the equipment being installed or relocated. Keep in mind that a furnace requires proper air circulation and ventilation. If it’s a confined space, it must have vents to allow air flow in and outside of the home, as well as be relatively close to the gas pipe site. Your HVAC technician also needs access to all sides of the equipment in order to perform routine maintenance, which is why we avoid installing equipment in a tight hallway closet.

Unconfined spaces such as an attic, basement, garage, or utility room are also an option for your HVAC Equipment. Your system will be the most efficient if it is centrally located, which can sometimes rule out garages and utility rooms – and being in Texas, most homes don’t have basements as an option. While attics can be especially warm to work in, the HVAC equipment won’t take up valuable space or disturb family members as it functions throughout the day. Although, the Lennox equipment we install is the quietest on the market, so noise is of little concern when choosing a location for new equipment.

When deciding where to install the HVAC equipment in your attic, we make decisions on a case by case basis – depending on where the furnace vent is or needs to be located and the proximity to the gas pipe. In some cases, the equipment may need to be installed vertically rather than the typical horizontal layout. As was the case with a Lennox SL280 Furnace in the above photo. This particular situation required some modifications on our part – so we placed it on blocks and installed the furnace vertically.

At Aero Designed Systems, we treat each customer as though they are a family member and provide solutions that are unique to his or her situation. The end goal is always total home comfort, but how we arrive at that goal depends on your wants and needs as a homeowner! You can trust that we have you and your home’s best interest at heart.

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