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Does The Air Conditioning Unit Location Matter?

Does the air conditioning unit location matter?

In short – yes, it does matter! There are several things that need to be considered before choosing a location when installing an air conditioning unit. The main factors are finding a location that both maximizes the unit’s efficiency and is convenient for the homeowner.

Installing an air conditioning unit within a newly constructed home grants more options, since air ducts will need to be installed regardless. Whereas choosing a new air conditioning unit location for an older home may require that the air ducts be re-worked. In this scenario, we would advise the homeowner at the point of which the relocation would be more costly than beneficial. As a company, we make a point to be upfront with our customers and explain when certain services are simply not necessary in their situation. Our goal is to offer a solution that is designed specifically for you – rather than up-sell you on every product and service we offer.

A location that maximizes the unit’s efficiency would be in a shady or covered space. This prevents the unit from having to use an excessive amount of energy to convert the air to a lower temperature before sending it into the home. However, the air conditioning unit shouldn’t be located among foliage to avoid the unit’s filters from being overrun by falling leaves. A convenient air conditioning unit location for the homeowner is somewhere out of the way, rather than in the middle of a space the family intends to frequently use. The noise of the unit used to be a major consideration when deciding where to install, however, the air conditioning unit we most commonly recommend is also the quietest multi-stage air conditioner you can buy. The Lennox XC21 is 20% quieter than a standard air conditioner, meaning noise is less of a factor when deciding the unit’s location.

If you’re concerned that the ideal air conditioning unit location will still be an eyesore – there are some creative solutions to keep it hidden. These five ways to hide your air conditioner allow for the proper ventilation the unit needs to avoid overheating while adding some visual interest to the yard.

As air conditioning and heating experts, we will consult you on where the ideal air conditioning unit location is on your property. We will also take care of the unit installation and any ductwork that needs to be completed. If you have questions about the location of your air conditioning unit, please don’t hesitate to call us at: (512) 261-3530.

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