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All equipment, at some point, gets to a state of disrepair. Or the equipment has so many years on its calendar that the cost to operate it become more of burden than replacing the equipment would be. In either case Aero has a solution for you!

We primarily install Lennox equipment because, based off our 35+ years in business, it’s the best thing on the market. Does that mean it is the only thing we install? Absolutely not.

We can install any brand and are well versed in each for that very reason. But any equipment, no matter how well it was made, will fail if not installed properly. For this very reason we have very strict guidelines to which we hold to for the installation of all equipment in order for you to obtain the highest degree of comfort, efficiency, and life span that your cooling and/or heating equipment can give to you.

We are also skilled installing different types of HVAC equipment like wine cooling systems, mini split systems, air purifiers, package units, dehumidifiers, whole home ventilators, and many other types and accessories.

We always give free estimates on equipment and hope to be able to meet you and give you the best solution for your comfort needs!

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