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Home Air Purification

The Best In Home Air Purification

We are proud to offer you home air purification systems through Lennox. The Lennox home air purification systems clean the air in every room of your home better than any other system you can buy. Home air purification combats airborne particles, germs and bacteria, and chemical odors and vapors – ensuring you’re breathing the best air you can at all times!

While you may not know this, home air purification is actually a form of maintenance for your home. Instead of allowing your HVAC equipment to get clogged up with dust and dander, air purification helps your entire HVAC system run more efficiently and extends the life of the system.

Did you know that maintenance can do more for you and your pocketbook than changing your oil could? When you change your oil does it save you on your gas mileage? When you maintain your HVAC Equipment it WILL save you on your electric bill. Energy Star states that just having your equipment’s airways clean can save you up to 15% on its energy usage.

We perform preventative HVAC maintenance not just to maintain your system but to prevent a breakdown before it occurs. Is this a cure-all and means you will never have a breakdown? Unfortunately not… But it reduces the risk greatly and from some research, most say you are 70 – 75% less likely to have an issue arise.

Here at Aero Designed Systems, we treat every customer as if our company depends on your business—because it does! As a part of our mission to serve you best, we have become Lennox Premier Dealers, NATE Certified, and accredited through the Better Business Bureau. Just give us a call or complete our contact form and we will happily talk through your options of home air purification systems and improve the comfort in your home!

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