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The Facts On Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

As kids we are always told and believe that our home is a safe place. We can go there to escape, be with family, and relax. But there is now an increased awareness of the fact that indoor air quality has a significant impact on our health and comfort within our home. If you can’t maintain health or comfort in your own home then how is it safe. So let look into some facts about IAQ and make sure that our home remains that safe place to live.

Homes are polluted now days! According to the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) indoor are can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor without proper ventilation and air cleaning. But why is this? You know that new car smell that you love and some people even go as far as getting the air fresheners that smells like new car. Well that smell is because of all the chemicals that they use to produce the car and are still actively contaminating the air, it is actually a very bad smell. The same is true with anything new that you buy and when you place it in your home you are trapping those chemicals there. But new products are not the only thing that contaminate your air, new carpeting, paint, cleaning products, dogs, and cats even can be bringing these pollutants into your home.

The HVAC industry is working had to bring you the best products to purify your air to the highest quality and here at Aero Designed Systems we can give you the solutions. Whether it is ventilation or filtration we can produce a solution for you. We will also be having more follow up posts to this one diving deeper in to IAQ so stay tuned and stay educated!

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