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how does my air conditioner work

How Does My Air Conditioner Work?!

You walk into your home on a hot and humid day and enter a wonderful 72 degree home with only 50% humidity. Life is good! But how does it do that? In this article we will go over the function of a working air conditioner and teach you the science behind the machine.

Most people believe that a unit works by placing cold air into your home. But that assumption would be wrong. An air conditioning system works by removing heat from you home and moving it out side. This is why your system needs refrigerant. Before I go into this anymore let’s look at a unit and break it down to some key components. First you have the compressor, this could be called the heat of the system because it is what is constantly pumping the refrigerant throughout the system. You have your condenser coils and your fan motor which work together at the outdoor unit and you then have your evaporator coils that works with your blower motor at the indoor unit. Now because the compressor is pumping refrigerant, that refrigerant is forced to move through the tubing that is in both your condenser coil and your evaporator coil. At the evaporator coil the refrigerant is in a state that when air moves over the coils it picks up the heat that is in the air and stores as much as it can inside of it. Once that refrigerant that has picked all that heat reaches the condenser coil it is in a state that releases the heat into the air that is moving across the condenser coils. And the cycle continues until your home feels cool because the heat has be removed from the space.

Let’s look at it this way, the refrigerant is a train and as that train enters the first station, the evaporator coil, it picks people up and moves them to the second station, the condenser coil, and there it drops them off but does not pick anyone up and begins the process again. Air conditioning removes heat from once space and just moves that heat to another and what is left will be a nice cooled space.

This is a fairly simplified way to put this process. If you would still like to know more or have further questions just give us a comment below. We will cover other similar subjects as well so if you would like to know about a certain product just let us know and we will be more than happy to get that information to you!

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