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Emergency HVAC repair

How To Prevent Emergency HVAC Repair

During the heat of the summer, your A/C unit isn’t just a nice thing to have – it’s a necessity. Just spending a few seconds in the car before your air conditioner kicks on is torture. If your air conditioner goes out this summer, you’re going to notice quickly, but it’s always better to fix it before it’s an emergency! To prevent having to call us for emergency HVAC repair, stay alert and look for these signs of trouble:

Cool Air Isn’t Blowing

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to notice if your home just isn’t getting as cool as it usually does. It could be that one room isn’t cooling down, or that you notice your system is turning on and off incessantly while accomplishing very little in terms of lowering the temperature of your home. If you notice any drop in performance, give us a call before the system fails entirely!

Something Smells

Instead of something missing, like airflow, this time you may notice something extra – a strange smell. You may sense it throughout your home or possibly just in one room. Either way, it’s time to call the professionals. The culprit could be a number of things, from mildew developing somewhere in your system to a dead animal in your ducts. To prevent having to call for emergency HVAC repair, it’s best to give us a call as soon as you smell something off! 

Your Thermostat is Wrong

Your thermostat is the control center of your HVAC system. Would you be concerned if it wasn’t responding or told you that the temperature was much lower than it actually is? Yeah, us too. If your thermostat isn’t reading accurately or just seems to be acting up, it could be a symptom of a much larger problem! Get professionals out there ASAP to keep your situation from escalating. 

Unexplained Moisture

If you start to notice moisture collecting in spots where it shouldn’t or if a panel or vent starts dripping water, you’ve got a problem. It could mean that you accidentally froze up your system by setting the temperature too low, or it could be something much more serious (and potentially expensive!) To prevent having to call your emergency HVAC repair (or drywall or flooring repair,) give us a call to come out and take a look! 

About Emergency HVAC Repair

We treat emergency HVAC repair as just that – an emergency! We’ll get out to your home as soon as we possibly can (including on weekends and holidays) to make sure your home is cool and comfortable for the whole family. Once we arrive, give us a quick rundown. What’s the main problem? Did you hear any noises? Is the system still on? After we get our short briefing from you, let us get you back on track toward comfortable summer living!

If you have any questions about anything you may be experiencing with your system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We pride ourselves on bringing total home comfort wherever we go!

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