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Georgetown HVAC Tips | Live More Comfortably This Summer

Summer is here and school is out! Kids are home for the majority of the day and you need your home to stay cool and comfortable around the clock. Is your HVAC system up to the task? 

First off, if you’re unsure if your system is up to snuff – call the Georgetown HVAC pros at Aero Designed Systems! We’re always happy to come out and see what you’re working with. If you can’t remember when your system was last serviced, it’s time for a checkup! 

If you’re thinking about the scorching weather to come and wondering how to keep your home as comfortable as possible – we’ve got you covered! Follow these tips and you’ll be basking in your own little oasis away from the blazing hot sun and the triple-digit temperatures it brings.

Keep Those Doors Closed

Everyone’s parents used to yell at them for leaving the door open and “air conditioning the whole neighborhood!” Well, they had good reason to be upset! The more doors and windows left ajar, the more cool air is let out – making your system work much harder than necessary to keep your home comfortable (assuming it can keep up.) Keep those doors and windows closed while you’re running your system. 

Change Your Filters  

Your HVAC system works by circulating air throughout your home. For that air to keep moving, your air conditioner needs to be able to breathe! Regularly changing your filter can save your system from unnecessary wear and tear, extending its lifespan. Here are 3 Do’s and 3 Dont’s to keep in mind when changing your HVAC filter. Your HVAC system a big investment – one of the biggest you’ll make in your home, plus your system will run more efficiently and keep your home more comfortable with a clean filter!

Schedule a Routine Maintenance Appt.

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs to be serviced regularly for optimal performance and to prolong its lifespan. A routine maintenance appointment can serve many purposes – to ensure that your system is configured correctly, to catch a small problem before it turns into a much larger (and more expensive) issue, and prevent potential problems by proactively replacing a troublesome component. If one small problem is caught and repaired, the appointment has paid for itself many times over! If you have any questions about having your system serviced, give the Georgetown HVAC Pros a call!

Add New Tech

Bringing new pieces of technology into the mix really can give you a new level of control over your home’s comfort levels. A smart thermostat can give you total control over the temperature of your home from wherever you happen to be! Save some green by turning your system off while you’re out of the house, turn it on remotely from your phone when you’re on your way back, and just like that you’re walking into a perfectly cooled home without needlessly expensive electricity bills. A zoning system, like the Lennox iHarmony system, bring a different element of comfort to your home. The system uses motorized dampers in your ducts to reduce or increase airflow to different parts of your home, making sure they’re kept just how you want them.

Follow these tips and you’ll be basking in cool temperatures all summer long! We’re just scratching the surface here though, depending on your system and your home, the possibilities are almost endless! If you’d like to take your home’s comfort levels up a notch, give us a call – we’re the Georgetown HVAC Pros!

Happy Summer, Y’all!

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