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Lennox Fall Promotion

Lennox Fall Promotion | Big Savings On Total Home Comfort

Fall is just a few weeks away but as all Texans know, that doesn’t mean it’s going to cool off immediately.  With more than a month of Austin heat left to weather, now is a great time to upgrade your HVAC system.  The Lennox Fall Promotion may motivate you to make the change sooner rather than later.  The promotion runs from the beginning of September through the middle of next month and offers up to $1600 in rebates that you will receive upfront!

Lennox is offering monumental savings if you upgrade your HVAC system between now and November 17th.  Instead of leaving our customers to sort through the specifics, we are streamlining the process!  No worrying about whether or not your system qualifies, no having to remember the dates that things have to be submitted by, we’ve got it covered!  We will let you know which rebates accompany which systems/units and we will provide the rebate up front.  You’ll receive a loaded Visa debit card from Lennox 3-6 weeks after ordering your system through Aero Designed Systems!

We will handle the submission of necessary documentation, leaving you to worry about exactly what temperature you would like your new Lennox HVAC system to keep your home!  Not only will your new Lennox system keep you cool in the searing Texas heat, it will also keep your home cozy through the bitter winter temperatures to come.  By adding the iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat, iHarmony Zoning System, and/or the PureAir Air Purification System, you will increase your rebate amount and overall home comfort.  The iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat can connect to your smartphone and will adapt to your daily schedule, giving you the utmost in control over your HVAC system from whether you’re in your favorite chair at home, or on the road.  The iHarmony Zoning System allows you to control the airflow in your home, letting you direct or reduce the flow of cool air to specific areas depending on where you spend the most time.  PureAir is a top-notch air purification system that will eliminate allergens as well as unwanted odors.  All of these components together will give you the ability to control your home’s internal climate, from airflow preferences to exact temperature.

Lennox systems are here to stay but the rebates are only for a limited time, contact us today to take advantage of the Lennox Fall Promotion!  You’ve got up to $1600 in savings waiting for you!

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