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Avoid These HVAC Horror Stories

It is spooky season, and the last thing that should be scary this Halloween is your HVAC. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you are on our routine maintenance plan, but if you aren’t, HVAC Horror Stories could be lurking in the dark corners of your home. These are four HVAC Horror Stories and how to avoid them. 

Nightmare-inducing sounds are coming from your HVAC.

Some noises your HVAC makes are entirely normal, like humming or clicking. A soft humming noise usually means your system is operating as it should. Clicking is also a normal noise, and light clicking sounds are normal when your system is cycling on or off. 

If it sounds like you are about to star in the next horror flick and your system is hissing, clanking, banging, or rattling, it is time to call us about your system. Hissing sounds indicate that sir is escaping your system somewhere – not something you want if you’re worried about efficiency. If you hear a clanking or banging noise, you need to call a technician ASAP. Both of these noises generally indicate that components of your system that usually don’t come in contact with one another are. 

Is that a phantom odor, or is it coming from your HVAC?

Have you noticed any unpleasant smells coming from your furnace? While it may be spooky to think of ghosts haunting your home, a strange odor from your furnace could be a sign of a more severe problem. One particular odor to be wary of is the smell of sulfur, which could indicate a gas leak. If you detect a rotten egg scent (which is added to natural gas as a warning), turn off your furnace, open windows, and leave your home. Once you are at a safe distance, contact your gas company to inspect your gas lines and make necessary repairs. 

It is generally expected to smell burning dust when you turn your heater on for the first time this season; however, if you smell burning metal, plastic, rubber, or wax, turn off your furnace and call in a professional to repair or replace any damaged parts. 

Cobwebs and dust are piling up on and around your HVAC vents.

Regularly cleaning your ductwork is critical to maintaining your heater’s functionality. Neglecting this task can lead to dust accumulation, which can attract pests like dust mites, creating an unhealthy environment in your home. If dirt and dust accumulate in your ducts, they can recirculate throughout your home and cause your indoor air quality to diminish significantly.  

Did you scream when you opened your last electric bill?

If you’ve been neglecting routine maintenance or ignoring any of the horror stories above, your utility bill could cause you to scream if you notice an unusual spike in your utility bill. That may be a sign to call your HVAC professionals. 

From heating repair to air conditioning installation and everything that sounds scary to homeowners, you can trust the HVAC experts here at AERO Designed Systems to put your HVAC nightmares in their graves. To schedule an appointment, call us at (512) 960-1470 or fill out a form to get in touch with Austin HVAC experts.

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