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Upgrade your system

Don’t Be Scared to Upgrade Your System

Halloween is upon us which means it’s finally spooky season! While it’s all fun and games to get startled by a scary Halloween costume – don’t be afraid to upgrade your system. If you’re hearing concerning noises coming from your system or it’s been decades since you’ve replaced it, now’s the time to get over your fear and make a change. These are the major benefits of upgrading your system:

Programmable Thermostat

With a couple of touches of your phone and you can completely program your smart thermostat to fit your preferences. Turn it on and warm up the space before you even get home, ensuring that it’s running well by the time you walk in the door. This keeps your system from being overworked and running the whole time you’re out of the house, and makes sure your home is perfectly comfortable when you get back!.

Efficiency = Savings

Upgrading your system may seem costly initially, but with the baseline higher efficiency of a new system, you’ll be saving significant money in the long run! Less than 2 decades ago, the standard SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of the best available air conditioner was around 6 to 8. Today, the minimum allowable SEER rating for a new unit in Texas is 14. This bump in efficiency means your system is consuming much less energy, in turn, saving you money on your utility costs every month!

Healthier Air

Do you battle seasonal allergies each year? Did you know upgrading your system can actually increase the quality of the air you breathe? The new higher-efficiency systems come with variable speed motors that provide constant and quality airflow throughout your home at all times. With an upgraded HVAC system, comes an upgraded filtration system – ensuring that minimal pollutants enter your home.

Comfort Control

Thanks to a newer, high-tech system, you can finally have total control throughout your home. Now, instead of the temperature being at the preference of just one person in the home, these upgraded systems give you the option of multiple thermostats – so mom and dad can enjoy one temperature in the living room while the kids enjoy a totally different temperature in the game room.

Less Noise

Does your current HVAC system make noises like hissing, clanking, or rattling? With an upgraded system, you’ll find things are much quieter around the house! These new systems come with high-tech sound-absorbing materials that minimize noise while maximizing efficiency.

Don’t be scared to upgrade your system – the benefits more than outweigh the cost! Here at Aero Designed Systems, we’ve been providing quality HVAC maintenance in Georgetown and the surrounding areas since 1980. We’re always happy to come out and take a look at your system – just give us a call today. Happy Halloween!

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