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choosing the best hvac unit

Choosing/Installing the Best HVAC Unit

Choosing the Best HVAC Unit

When updating or replacing your current HVAC unit with a newer model, there are a number of decisions to be made in order to choose the best HVAC unit for you. When working with Aero Designed Systems, one of our team members will assist you in making the decision by consulting you on your heating and cooling needs. Lennox offers a variety of units that would all be good choices, but there are particular add-ons that may meet more specific needs. Lennox offers complete systems that address issues like air purification and humidity control. There is also the question as to whether your home would benefit from a dual zoning system or the installation of solar modules. With Aero Designed Systems, we will work to ensure that you are receiving the package that best fits your home and your needs.

Preparing for Installation

Once the HVAC unit has been decided upon, we will schedule the installation. A team member will arrive in the morning, typically between 7:30-8:00am, and prep the pathway for installation. We always lay down tarps to protect your flooring and ask that any valuables be cleared from the path to install. Once the installation is underway, it is expected to take 4-6 hours on a standard basis. As far as the old unit is concerned, we will take it offsite and recycle all equipment. Our team always cleans up after themselves!

After the Installation

After the installation is complete, we will leave an invoice that documents what was installed. We ask that someone is present in order for us to explain how the unit operates, what type of maintenance is necessary and when it should take place. When we drive away, we are confident that the unit was installed correctly and will continue to function properly while we are gone. Of course, we are always available by phone should you have any further questions!

From choosing the right HVAC unit for your home, to cleaning up after install – we aim to make the process simple and straightforward. We hope that you enjoy the company of our fantastic team and we know that you will enjoy your new Lennox unit!

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