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Keep Your System Running Smoothly! | Call For Air Conditioner Service

The middle of the summer is one of the toughest times to get motivated to do anything, especially when you have to venture out into the triple-digit temperatures! The same goes for your air conditioner – when the temperatures are the highest, your system has to work harder to keep your home cool and comfortable. As a homeowner (and as a human who appreciates sub-100 temperatures,) it’s important to protect your investment in your HVAC system and to keep your home comfortable all summer long – that’s where we come in! We’re the Georgetown and Lakeway HVAC pros and we pride ourselves on bringing home comfort wherever we go. Having your system serviced regularly will keep your unit running smoother and for much longer – call us for you your air conditioner service needs! This is why servicing your system is so important:


Keeping your system running as smoothly as possible won’t just save you money by extending your air conditioner’s lifespan, it’ll also save you money every month! Your A/C can rack up quite the electric bill during the summer months, and that can be exacerbated by a system that is malfunctioning or having to work harder than necessary to keep your home cool. Whether it’s your ducts that need to be cleaned, debris falling into your air conditioner, or a component malfunctioning, your system not running at 100% efficiency is bad news. Call us for an air conditioner service appointment at the beginning of a new season to ensure your system us operating as efficiently as possible!


Just like how keeping your system running as efficiently as possible is important, keeping it running smoothly and safely is just as important! There are two parts to this effort:

  1. Scheduling an air conditioner service appointment periodically to make sure that there are no malfunctioning components that could lead to a major malfunction, fire, or electrical problem.
  2. Knowing when to call the pros when you notice something out of the ordinary, and when you can fix something yourself.

Your air conditioner has tons of moving parts and sensitive components, the last thing you want is to make a problem worse or to potentially injure yourself. Play it safe – give us a call when you sense something may be off and we’ll be happy to help get to the bottom of it. If it’s an easy fix that you can knock out at home, we’ll let you know!

Protect Your Investment

Your HVAC system is a significant investment in your home, and in Texas, it’s an essential part of living comfortably through the summer! Whether you’re keeping your long-term home cool, have recently purchased a home, or are looking to sell your property during this housing boom, updating and/or maintaining your system is vital! Homebuyers look at HVAC systems extensively when purchasing a home, and if you’re wanting to avoid the misery that is a broken A/C unit in the middle of the summer, make an air conditioner service appointment! We’ll make sure your system is working as smoothly and efficiently as possible, all while ensuring your air conditioner will function properly for years to come. Protect your investment, maintain your equipment!

Your air conditioner is a necessity, and just like a car, it needs to be maintained! Whether you’ve inherited an older system from a previous homeowner or if you’re looking to upgrade, give us a call! We’re happy to talk you through your options and we’ll never try to push you towards a fix you don’t need. We’ve been serving the Georgetown and Lakeway community since 1980, and we pride ourselves on bringing total home comfort wherever we go!

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