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2023 AC Summer checklist

2023 AC Summer Checklist

Temperatures are slowly rising this summer, and it will continue to get even hotter. Now is the time to check on your HVAC system and we are here to help! Your AC system is there to help you stay cool this summer. Our AC summer checklist will help ensure your AC unit is prepared for sweltering temperatures. These tips will help your unit keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

Change Your Air Filters

We might sound like a broken record when it comes to changing your air filter, but it really is your system’s first line of defense, and a clean filter is critical to helping your AC unit run smoothly. It’s essential to change your air filters regularly to extend the life of your unit. It is one of the easiest things you can do for your AC unit to ensure it runs efficiently. Depending on your system and the filter you purchase, you should be changing the filter every month or so. If you’d like to learn more about changing your filter, you can check out more information here.

Check Your Weather Stripping and Vents

Your home should be sealed with weather stripping to maximize the efficiency of airflow in your home. Air vents should be checked for any accumulation of dirt or dust. If your weather stripping allows hot air to enter your home, it is time to have it redone. If your vents have built up dust or grime, we recommend thoroughly cleaning them to remove anything that could hinder the airflow through your home.

Clean the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor AC unit should have, at minimum, 2 feet of clearance around it on all sides to allow it to operate efficiently. This includes above it as well. Having an umbrella or shade structure above the unit could cause damage to your unit. Your unit pushes air out the top at thousands of feet per hour. If that air hits anything overhead, it will push that heat back into your unit and could essentially choke it. This could lead to severe issues with the fan motor and the compressor. All you need to do is clear out any debris near the outdoor unit, including branches and any dirt or grass clippings that have accumulated near it. This will help your unit more efficiently pull air into your home.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Having your system on biannual maintenance will keep your system running as efficiently as possible and extend the overall lifespan of your air conditioner. Protect your investment and keep cool this summer by giving us a call or contacting us here to schedule your routine maintenance appointment.

Texas summers can be brutal, but this AC summer checklist will help keep your home comfortable throughout the summer, and knowing Texas weather, it will be useful well into the fall. If you have any questions about your current system or want to explore your options when it comes to upgrading, give us a call!

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