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A/C upgrade in georgetown

The Benefits Of Central Air Conditioning – A/C Upgrade in Georgetown

Nowadays, some air conditioners may control the temperature in just one room. However, central air conditioners offer one major benefit that individual window units cannot: improving the indoor air quality throughout your entire home. Central air is one of the most effective and efficient ways to keep your house cool throughout the year – centralized units send cool air to every room through the air duct and vent system, cooling each room simultaneously! Modern systems and high-end air filters can even trap the most microscopic pollutants, helping to keep you comfortable and healthy year-round! If you’re thinking that it might be the time for an A/C upgrade in Georgetown (or the surrounding areas), keep these benefits in mind! 

Helps Your Immune System

Air conditioning keeps illness-spreading germs in check by keeping the inside of your home cooler, working the same way as a refrigerator does — to limit microbial growth! When living in a warmer environment, your resistance is worn down and you are more vulnerable to infections. Utilizing a central air conditioning system will help your body (and mind – excessive heat is aggravating!) over time by getting your home to your ideal temperature and keeping it there! The less stress you put on your body, the better you’ll be in the long run – if you’re wanting to boost your home’s comfort levels, it’s time for an A/C upgrade in Georgetown.

Regulated Humidity

Though we typically live in a dry climate in Texas, we still have our share of uncomfortably humid days. Central air conditioning helps to keep humidity levels steady and within a healthy (and comfortable) range. Humidity can make mild temperatures feel unbearable, but excess humidity can cause other problems!  An environment with high humidity can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Humidity levels that are too low can irritate sensitive skin and dry out your sinuses! There’s a happy medium for humidity and the best way to keep that steady is with central air. 

Consistent Temperature

Many people underestimate the harmful effect that an uncomfortable temperature can have on their health. Being overly warm or cold can quickly sap energy, contributing to fatigue. A central air conditioning system maintains a constant room temperature throughout your home making the body easier to regulate its temperature and even better equipped to fight off infection. This will give you greater peace of mind as you’re walking into your home – no more hoping that your house is comfortable enough on your way home from work, with central air (bonus points for a smart thermostat that allows you to control the temperature from your phone!) you’ll be cool and content all year long!

Central air conditioning can absolutely make your home more comfortable all year-round. To enjoy all the health benefits of central air conditioning, it’s vital that it’s maintained regularly and working at its full capacity. Ask one of our professionals to visit your home for a bi-annual routine maintenance appointment. If you’re interested in an A/C upgrade in Georgetown, or would just like to explore your options when it comes to your current system – give us a call!

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