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HVAC Red Flags

4 HVAC Red Flags To Watch For

The weather in Texas puts more strain on your air conditioner than almost anywhere else in the United States.  Keeping this in mind, there are a few HVAC red flags to be on the lookout for.  You don’t want to miss the warning signs and end up stuck with no A/C in the middle of July or have your heat go out in the middle of a January freeze. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for these warning signs that trouble is on the horizon:

Strange Noises

Peculiar noises coming from your system tops this list of HVAC red flags. There’s no one sound to listen for, as different noises can indicate different possible problems with your system. Troublesome sounds can vary from rattling to clanking, and all mean different things.  If you have been noticing any new sounds coming from your HVAC system, whether from your vents or the outdoor unit, don’t hesitate to have us come out and listen with you!    

Strange Smells

Odd smells coming from your air conditioner can, like the different sounds, indicate different things depending on the smell.  Distinct smells should definitely raise HVAC red flags. A stale smell could be something as minor as your filter needs to be changed, but on the other hand, a burning smell can mean possible overheating of your system. Other smells that should definitely raise a red flag for you include animal smells (including the smell of a dead animal that may have gotten into a cavity in your home or a vent,) drain odors, or gas odors.  If you smell any of these, call a professional to sort it out.

System Not Cooling Properly

If your air conditioner is running all day and your home isn’t getting any cooler, something is definitely wrong with your system.  Whether your A/C is blowing warm air, not cooling your entire home, or not working at all – you’ve got a problem.  Any of these HVAC red flags is a reason to give us a call. If your system is blowing warm air, it could be a problem with your compressor or you could be low on coolant. If cool air isn’t reaching your entire home, you could have a blocked vent or duct leak.  If you are experiencing your A/C turning on and off constantly, you may have build-up in one of the components of your system or your thermostat could be faulty.  

Higher Utility Bills

One of the biggest HVAC red flags is receiving electric bills that are drastically higher than normal for the season.  If your system is having to work extra hard to keep your home comfortable, it’s going to run up your utility costs while putting more wear and tear on your system.  Whether you can tell when you get your electric bill or if you have a smart thermostat that shows you your energy consumption, give us a call if it’s abnormally high for the time of year. Save yourself from letting a small issue turn into a major one, plus no one wants to pay more than necessary to the electric company.

It’s important to notice the warning signs when your system is struggling to do its job.  The harder your air conditioner or furnace has to work, the more wear and tear it accumulates – costing you more in utilities and significantly reducing its lifespan.  If you notice any of these HVAC red flags, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! It’s always better to address the problem while it’s small and easily managed before it turns into a much larger (and more expensive) job.



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