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3 Tips to Help Your HVAC

3 Tips For Helping your HVAC System

We are hopefully getting closer to the end of this summer heat. But in Texas you never know how long it will stick around. As a homeowner, it’s important to protect your investment in your HVAC system and to keep your home comfortable all year long! These 3 tips will help your HVAC system keep you cool this summer. 

Check and Replace Your Air Filters When Necessary 

It’s important to change your air filters regularly to extend the life of your unit and keep your HVAC system working as efficiently as possible – and it’s one of the easiest things you can do! Depending on your system and the filter you purchase, you should be changing the filter every month or so. While we do recommend checking your filter every 30 days and changing if necessary, it’s more important that you check the dirtiness of the current filter rather than rely on dates alone. If you’d like to learn more about changing your filter, you can check out more information here.

Invest in Window Treatments 

Investing in the right window treatments can play a vital role in maximizing the energy efficiency of your home. Most homeowners don’t realize that as much as 50% of a home’s cooling energy is lost through its windows! Blackout window treatments or room darkening treatments could help you conserve energy by ensuring your home is cooler in the summer and effectively reducing your energy bill.

Check Your Air Ducts

Did you know that air duct damage can be responsible for 20 to 30 percent energy loss for cooling every year. If you want to help out your HVAC system this summer it is a good time to inspect your ductwork. While inspecting your ductwork look for smashed areas of flexible ducts or tears. This could significantly impact airflow. If any of your connections have slipped out of place or if you spot holes, gaps or total disconnections you should give us a call so that a professional can repair these issues. The purpose of your ducts is to distribute airflow throughout your home and any leaks or blockages cause your HVAC unit to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment in your home. To have your ducts professionally cleaned contact us

These tips will help your HVAC system this year but having your system serviced regularly will keep your unit running smoother and for much longer – call us for your air conditioner service needs!

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