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Every car owner knows that at every three to four thousand miles you have to change your oil. Every home owner knows that every week, or every day for some, you have to clean your home. If these things did not happen then your car would break down and home would be a mess!

We maintain our car by changing that oil and our home by cleaning it. But what are you doing for your air conditioning and heating equipment? Did you know that a new system runs about $5,000 to $12,000! You can get a pretty decent car for that yet, even still, many people do not maintenance their HVAC Equipment.

Did you know that maintenance can do more for you and your pocket book than changing your oil could? When you change your oil does it save you on your gas mileage? When you maintenance you HVAC Equipment it will save you on your electric bill.

Energy Star states that by just having your equipment’s airways clean can save you up to 15% on its energy usage. That alone is great but only a small portion of the checks we perform here at Aero.

We hate it when we get home from a long trip to a warm house and find that it won’t even begin to cool down. So this is the other reason we perform the preventative maintenance, not just maintain but prevent a break down before it occurs. Is this a cure all and means you will never have a break down? Unfortunately not… But it reduces the risk greatly and from some research most say you are 70 – 75% less likely to have an issue arise.

So give us a call and we would love to take care of your equipment and maintain or improve the comfort in your home.


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