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Air Conditioner Installation

There is a lot of Air Conditioning and Heating equipment out on the market today! Just like with anything else, there is a big difference between brands, makes, and models. At Aero, we seek to do business with others that share our desire to provide the highest degree of quality and promptness. In this search we have choose who we believe best models these attributes, Lennox.

Still just an Air Conditioning and Heating company, Lennox focuses completely on improving those products to last longer, provide more comfort, and give the highest degree of accessibility!

They provide three tiers of equipment, Merit, Elite, and Dave Lennox Signature (DLS). They do this so that no matter what you can afford you can still have the highest quality product bring you the greatest level of comfort possible.

We personally love the DLS equipment the best due to all of the amazing features that are included with it and the amazing iComfort S30 Thermostat that we provide with all DLS units. This thermostat that has Geo-Fencing technology, Perfect Temperature, and sensitivity to allergen levels is just one of the examples of the amazing technology they produce.

If it’s the variable speed compressor, air purifier, duel fuel, humidity control, or many other amazing products they have you can rest assured that you are getting the best that is currently available! Contact us today to discuss your air conditioner installation needs.

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