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Help Reduce Your Energy Bill This Summer

We all know that the Texas heat is right around the corner. With higher energy costs, your energy bill might be of concern. As the temperatures rise in Austin, your air conditioner will work extra hard to keep up. The extra work can lead to higher electricity bills and more strain on your appliances. With these few tips, you can help reduce your energy bill this summer without forfeiting the comfort level in your home. 

Setting Your Thermostat 

While setting your A/C to 78ºF can help reduce energy usage by up to 10%, which may not be a comfortable temperature. A good rule of thumb for the summer is that for each degree you set your thermostat above 72 degrees, you can save up to 3% on your utility bill. The goal would be to set your thermostat as close to the temperature outside as possible; however, that isn’t always possible in Texas. 

Utilizing your smart thermostat capabilities can also help you reduce energy consumption this summer. Lennox systems can be paired with your smart thermostat to adjust temperatures while you are on vacation, so you aren’t running your A/C while you are gone. Lennox smart thermostats even have Smart Away™ Mode that learns your schedule and adjusts the temperature automatically to maximize energy savings. This thermostat uses the GPS in your phone to detect when you aren’t home and will automatically adjust the temperature in your home to be more energy-efficient.

A/C Maintenance

It is essential to have your A/C unit maintained in spring before the temperatures rise. If your AC hasn’t been professionally serviced, your energy consumption could double or even triple. Getting in spring ac maintenance is vital before your bills skyrocket in the Summer heat. During maintenance checks, our technicians will ensure everything is working correctly and not being overworked unnecessarily. Preventative maintenance is significantly cheaper than emergency maintenance and repairs! An emergency repair can burn a hole in your wallet and even result in prematurely needing an entirely new HVAC system when you could’ve just done preventative maintenance for $130/year, saved money, and prevented a headache. A system that is clean and running efficiently will end up saving you money in energy savings over time! Contact us to get set up with biannual maintenance. 

Reduce Heat from Major Appliances 

Using your stove, oven, or dryer can warm your house. Reducing the use of these during peak hours can save you money and reduce the heat in your home. Cleaning these appliances regularly to remove dust and debris helps them run more efficiently and will save you money. When it is time for a new appliance opting for an energy-efficient appliance will help keep your home cooler and wallet happy in the long run. 

With these few tips, you can help reduce your energy bill this summer. If your HVAC system is giving you any trouble – or if you want to ensure you don’t end up A/C-less in the middle of a heat wave, call us! We look forward to meeting and getting to know you. We strive to deliver quality work at a reasonable price. Remember, we promise to bring total home comfort wherever we go!

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