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Air conditioner problems

Ideas for Keeping Cool This Summer from the Pros at Fixing Your Air Conditioner Problems

With the grueling Texas temperatures approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ideas for keeping cool this summer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at Aero Designed Systems! Follow these tips from the pros at fixing your air conditioner problems and you’ll be happily kept cool in and around your home this summer.

Update Your Home Seasonally

We suggest updating items in your home such as the window treatments and bedding each season. In the summer, we recommend lighter, more breathable fabrics. We encourage you to switch your heavier down comforters and thick sheets for lighter materials such as linen or cotton. Light filtering curtains or solar shades are also a great way to keep your home cool and protect against the harsh sun. Not only should you choose a window solution that protects your home against the heat, but you should also be sure to keep them closed during the hottest parts of the day. 

Get Outside 

While getting outside may sound like the exact opposite of keeping cool, there are actually a couple of ways to keep yourself and your home cool by getting outside this summer. You can invest in an inflatable slip-and-slide or pool for cooling off during the hot summer months and to give your kids a fun activity to do at home! To keep your home cool, we suggest minimizing the use of your stove and oven by taking the cooking outside to the grill. Grilling out in the backyard while your kids splash around is the perfect way to stay entertained and keep your family and your home cool all summer long. 

Schedule Routine Maintenance 

Routine maintenance is key in preventing air conditioner problems! Just like your car, your HVAC system needs to be serviced regularly for optimal performance and to prolong its lifespan. A routine maintenance appointment can serve many purposes  – to ensure that your system is configured correctly, to catch a small problem before it turns into a much larger (and more expensive) issue, and to prevent potential problems by proactively replacing a troublesome component. If one small problem is caught and repaired, the appointment has paid for itself many times over! If you have any questions about having your HVAC system serviced, give us a call today. 

Look To The Future

It’s important to look to the future, not just the summer the lies immediately ahead of you. There are a couple of ideas to keep you cool long past this summer. First off, a smart thermostat can give you total control over the temperature of your home from wherever you happen to be! Save some green by turning your system off while you’re out of the house, turn it on remotely from your phone when you’re on your way back, and just like that you’re walking into a perfectly cooled home without needlessly expensive electricity bills. Another way to think for the future is by investing in an awning or planting trees. If you’re looking for more immediate relief, an awning may be the way to go. While trees can take a long time to grow, they offer excellent natural shade for your home while adding beauty to it.  

Follow these tips and you’ll be happily kept cool in and around your home this summer! If you’d like to take your home’s comfort levels up a notch, contact us today to see how we can help. Happy summer, y’all!

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