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how often should air ducts be cleaned

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

How often should air ducts be cleaned? Air conditioning ducts are responsible for delivering and removing air to and from your home and need to be free of blockage or leaks in order for your HVAC system to function properly. Ductwork runs throughout your home and isn’t easily accessible. While experts agree that air filters should be changed every six months, the story surrounding air ducts is a bit more complex. We will explain how often your air ducts should be cleaned, who should do the cleaning and why.

If your air ducts were properly installed and are airtight, there isn’t much cause for concern. We recommend a thorough cleaning every few (3-5) years. The purpose of this isn’t just cleaning and removing years of dust, pet hair and dander, it is also an opportunity to assess the condition of your ductwork.

We also recommend that the air ducts be cleaned by an air conditioning and heating company rather than a general cleaning company. The reason for this is because we know how to assess the condition of your ductwork. If we discover an issue, such as a leaky duct, we are able to make the necessary repairs. This will help your HVAC system function optimally again.

When considering how often air ducts should be cleaned, there are a few signs that indicate you may need an immediate air duct cleaning, aside from the regular maintenance. If you suspect there is mold growth happening, then the air ducts should be cleaned immediately. According to the EPA, there isn’t scientific evidence showing that routine air duct cleanings result in improved air quality. However, homeowners have reported improved allergies after a cleaning. We believe this is because your HVAC system is able to function more efficiently thus improving air quality.

We provide air duct cleaning, which includes more than a quick sweep. Our team pays attention to every detail and will document any coil out of place. Consistent maintenance of your HVAC system and ductwork is the key to efficiency and longevity. Call to schedule your air duct cleaning today.

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