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fall home maintenance tips

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

If spring is for cleaning, then fall is for fixing. Here are four fall home maintenance tips and projects that you should make time for as rain and leaves fall and cooler weather heads our way:

Furnace Check Up
If there is ever a time for it to be bearable to have your air conditioner off and your HVAC system serviced – it’s fall. We will gladly come out and check that your filters are fresh, nothing is clogged or rusted and that everything is functioning properly. We want to ensure that your furnace is ready to kick on as soon as temperatures drop. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Give Your Gutters Some Love
With heavy rains and falling foliage, it’s important to make sure your gutters can handle the weight. If you have a leaf blower, use it to clean them out and rid any branches or bunches of leaves that are calling your roof home. If you need to go at it manually, here is another option from House Logic for clearing gutters. To prevent clogging, consider installing a leaf guard so that you won’t have to make a weekly habit of clearing gunk out of the gutters – although leaf guards dovrequire some upkeep of their own! Last but not least, don’t forget to check your downspout to make sure it is able to funnel water down and away from the foundation of your home.

Inspect Your Roof
While you clean out your gutters, look for asphalt debris from your roof. This is also a good time to look at the condition of the shingles – check that they aren’t buckling or that there aren’t patches missing. Fall maintenance projects may clue you into bigger things that need to be taken care of. In this case, a roof in poor condition won’t be able to handle heavy rains, which may lead to leaks and water damage if not repaired.

Seal Up Your Home
Gaps and cracks in the exterior of your home not only affect your energy efficiency, but they also allow moisture in. Check around pipes, windows and door frames for any gaps. Here is an article from on the easiest way to detect air leaks in your home and the best way to seal them yourself.

Fall home maintenance projects are sometimes easily forgotten, but with proper upkeep you will save time and money in the long run. The sooner you take care of these four things, the sooner you can enjoy the fall season with your family! Although, you could always make these projects a family chore – but you didn’t hear that from us!

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