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Best HVAC Systems for Austin

When researching the best HVAC systems, you’ll find that a lot of sources refer to systems that are focused on heating homes in below freezing weather. You may be left wondering, what is the best HVAC system for Austin? In this blog post, we will describe features of the HVAC system that is best suited to handle moderate winters, hot and humid summers and something we Austinites call “cedar fever”.

In the middle of summer, you want an air conditioner that is able to handle 100+ degree temperatures. Simply put, Texas isn’t the place for window units. We recommend the XC25 of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. With an efficiency rating of up to 26, the average homeowner in Texas saw a savings of $3,095 in five years – and this only increases with time!

The XC25 belongs to the Ultimate Home Comfort System, which makes it on of the best HVAC systems for Texas. One of them being the Zoning System, which will direct air flow to a particular area of the house and reduce air flow in another to save energy. This realistically means that if you spend a lot of time in a living room with floor to ceiling windows… the zoning system will definitely come in handy!


Another feature Ultimate Home Comfort System that offers a solution particular to Austin is the PureAir Purification System, which combats indoor air pollutants throughout the home. This includes pollutants and allergens – which we all know is a lifesaver during cedar season!

Most importantly, the best HVAC systems are geared to address the high humidity levels of Austin. If you find that your home feels stuffy and turning down the temperature doesn’t increase the comfort – you’re home is most likely in need of a dehumidifier. While there are stand-alone options, Lennox has whole-home options that will balance the humidity level and make your home comfortable year round. With Climate IQ Technology, all you have to do is select a setting and the system will handle the rest!

We’ve been in business since 1980 and have been based in Austin from the start. Not only are we HVAC experts, but we also have the right solution for our climate and your preferences. We know Austin can be rather hot & humid, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Give us a call, we’re happy to help make Austin feel like home to you!

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