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Allergy-proof your home

Live More Comfortably | Allergy-Proof Your Home


Are you susceptible to seasonal allergies? If not you, is someone in your household? Central Texas is a rough place to inhabit if you’re sensitive to mountain cedar, mold, or any of the others allergens that blow around the hill country. Your home should be an oasis from all of the outdoor dirt and irritants, here’s how to allergy-proof your home:

Change Your Filters:

The first step that you can take to allergy-proof your home is to ensure that your system’s air filters are correct for your system and replaced regularly.  Your filters are your first line of defense against outdoor dirt and debris so it’s vital that they are replaced in accordance with your system’s needs. If you are (or anyone in your household is) especially sensitive to seasonal allergies, changing your filters more often than your system requires will help to keep dust and dirt particles from entering your home’s air ducts. In addition to keeping your home’s air as clean as possible, keeping your air filter fresh will help to keep your system running at full capacity for as long as possible. 

Invest in an Air Purification System

If you’re extremely sensitive to the allergens that abound in central Texas (especially during cedar fever season,) an air purification system is a great way to allergy-proof your home. Air purification systems (like this one from Lennox) efficiently remove unwanted particles from the air circulating throughout your home.  Whether you want to eliminate germs and bacteria from your home or minimize the amount of pollen floating around your living spaces, an air purification system is a great solution. If you have asthma, one of these systems will help to make your home a much more comfortable place to reside. A home purification system will help to keep allergens out and create the ideal living space for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about air purification systems and how it would make your home more comfortable, drop us a line!

Check Your Weatherstripping on Doors and Windows

What good is changing your filters and putting in a new air purification system if your portals to the outdoors aren’t sealed properly? Not only will the outdoor air that’s getting in cause your system to work harder than necessary, it will also let in all of the dirt and allergens that you’ve been trying so hard to keep out! Ensuring that your insulation is all up-to-snuff will keep your home free of unwanted dust and dirt particles and your HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to keep the temperature desirable. When looking for faulty or worn weatherstripping, also look for other places that outdoor air may be entering your home. Feel for drafts throughout your home and check doors that connect to a non-temperature controlled portion of your home (like a garage.) 

The yellow clouds swirling throughout the hill country are here to stay for a few more weeks, but have no fear! Allergy season doesn’t have to be a time full of sneezing and itchy eyes (at least not at home.) All it takes is a bit of proactivity and innovation, and a little help from your local HVAC specialists to make the first few months of the year as comfortable as possible.


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