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Six Reasons To Install A Smart Thermostat

From smartphones and televisions and now refrigerators — internet connected devices are all around us. Whether you deem these particular technological advancements as irrelevant or life-changing, here are six reasons you should install a smart thermostat in your home.

Before we list the ways a smart thermostat can improve your quality of life, let’s look at what makes a thermostat “smart”. For the most part, it’s the device’s ability to connect to the internet that qualifies it as “smart,” but it’s what the device does with that information that makes it a worthwhile investment. A smart thermostat allows your system to work more efficiently rather than harder to bring total comfort to your home.

The smart thermostat that we most commonly install and highly recommend is the Lennox iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat. It functions in six important ways that a standard thermostat cannot.

  • It connects to The Weather Channel, drawing precise data about the temperature and humidity levels outside. This information prompts your system to adjust accordingly in order to produce a temperature in your home that legitimately “feels like” the comfortable 72 degrees you selected.
  • It monitors air quality. The iComfort S30 also has an “Allergen Defender” feature, which monitors the air quality and pollen levels in your area according to your ZIP code and automatically turns the fan on to clean your home’s air when outdoor levels are high.
  • It does the thinking and the scheduling for you. While programmable thermostats do exist, they require you to actually remember to program them! And unfortunately, this is not a one and done type of task. The iComfort S30 takes saving energy to a whole new level with a “Smart Away Mode” that uses the GPS in your smartphone to detect when you’re leaving and automatically increases system efficiency. If you or a family member returns home, Smart Away then returns your system to a normal schedule and comfortable temperature.
  • It allows for remote control. Find yourself on vacation and worried that you forgot to turn off your system before leaving? No problem. Simply open your iComfort app and make immediate changes.
  • It provides performance reports. No more guessing why your electric bill varies from month to month. Each month, a performance report is emailed to you, allowing you to track temperature ranges and see how long your system runs each day. You’ll have the information you need to make impactful changes to your energy consumption.
  • It monitors system operations. When was the last time you changed your air filter or had your annual HVAC maintenance? You may forget to make note of these things, but your iComfort S30 thermostat will not. It will notify you, and your HVAC dealer, if your system is in need of routine maintenance or if there are any problems that need immediate attention.

Smart thermostats don’t beat smartphones or t.v.’s in terms of entertainment, but they surely win in the money saving department! If you think a smart thermostat is too fancy for you — rest assured that our team will give you a quick and easy lesson in navigating and utilizing your new gadget. Give us a call today to upgrade your thermostat.

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